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Texas A&M Vets Without Borders

Vets Without Borders (VWB) is a Texas A&M pre-veterinary student organization that focuses on conservation and wildlife veterinary medicine. Our main event happens every summer when we take a domestic and international trip! We have been to places such as Australia, Africa, Costa Rica, and Alaska. Click here join our organization.


Stay tuned for more special announcements! Be sure to check our Calendar and follow our Instagram to stay up-to-date on our weekly events.

Our Services

What We Do

We offer a variety of events to our members to enhance their pre-veterinary education and experience. Click below to learn more about our services.

Yearly Trips

Our trips provide opportunities and unique experiences for our members. Members are not only able to learn about conservation and wildlife, but they also practice valuable veterinary skills on animals such as lions and sloths! 

Weekly Volunteering

Every weekend we go out into the local area and volunteer with places such as Haven for Horses, Paws and Claws Wildlife Rehab, and Reptile Hospice. New volunteer places will be added to our calendar this Spring 2024 semester! 

Meetings and Socials

Every other Wednesday we host meetings with guest speakers that give us valuable insight into the veterinary field. We also host member socials so you can have the chance to meet other members and enjoy fun activities! 

Want to join Vets Without Borders?

We welcome all Texas A&M pre-veterinary students who are passionate about veterinary medicine. Click here to learn more about us and join our club!

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